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Custom One of a Kind PIeces

Create your very own unique piece with one of a kind stones and a one of a kind meaning


What really stokes the fire in my soul when it comes to my work is to commune with you synergistically to create something that’s extememly meaningful and tells a story. I’ve never thought of jewelery as something to strictly adorn the body, but rather to have purpose. A purpose in telling a specific story... a protection piece, or to a convey a message to somebody who it’s given to. I want to create a piece that you see on your body like a tattoo... a personal script.... A freeze in time that can be passed on, remembered.... loved.  

Free Consultations

One of a kind New Mexico Cuff made with a graffiti cabachon from a tag was here in Albuquerque

If you have a great idea or somebody special you want to have a piece created for... I give  a free meeting to talk about it. Go over some sketches, some stones and metals. If your kit happy with any ideas that come out of it, I’ll promise you’ll be happy with the convo. Absolutely no car salesman pressure. Would love to put  you in the right direction. And if it does work out, my promise is to deliver smiles and if any tears... the good kind. 

A promise


I promise that each piece will deliver happiness and if any tears... they’ll be the good kind, or every penny returned. Each piece is guaranteed as far as any repair needed. 


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